CMR - Building

C.M.R. – Costruzioni Moderne Roma works in civil and industrial building sector and operates in the construction, modification or repair of any type of manufactured.

To provide in any time cutting-edge facilities and installations to the customers, C.M.R. – Costruzioni Moderne Romaworks in building with great care and attention and the company is constantly up to date with technological innovations regarding:

  • Alarm / Fog Cannons
  • Video surveillance
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar
  • Heating and cooling of floor

In the building sector, great attention is paid to the choice of eco-sustainable materials in order to combine efficiency and quality with no emissions of toxic or irritating substances.

Among its clients, C.M.R. – Costruzioni Moderne Roma includes companies and institutions of primary importance as: Poste Italiane, ANAS – Rome Office, Vigna di Valle Airport (Military Aviation, ATER district of Rome, themunicipality of Fiumicino and Generali Insurance.

Costruzioni Moderne Roma includes into any contract Timetable Works to ensure to the client always Maximum Punctuality.