C.M.R. – Costruzioni Moderne Roma realizes renovations in every building field: offices, stores and private houses.

The interventions guarantee within a framework of technological innovation a service “turnkey” to the customer, from building work to furnishing, thanks to frequent collaborations with leading interior designers.

The team is composed exclusively of highly experienced professionals in their field, which can provide all the assistance and availability for every need regarding their expertises.

In addition, to ensure customer the cutting edge systems, C.M.R. – Costruzioni Moderne Roma is constantly updated on the technological innovations regarding:

  • Alarm / Fog Cannons
  • Video surveillance
  • Photovoltaic
  • Solar
  • Heating and cooling of floor

Great attention is paid to the choice of eco-sustainable materials in order to combine efficiency and quality with no emissions of toxic or irritating substances.

Costruzioni Moderne Roma includes into any contract Timetable Works to ensure to the client always Maximum Punctuality.