C.M.R.Costruzioni Moderne Roma was born in the capital in 1998 after the acquisition of the business Eco Design, a company on the market since 1985.

C.M.R. – Costruzioni Moderne Roma works in the field of building and restructuring on the whole national territory and abroad, either working for public and private clients.

The collaboration with professional studios makes it possible to offer customers that caters to C.M.R. – Costruzioni Moderne Roma a global and comprehensive service for each site, from its birth to the construction of the finished work, completing a work of high quality and finished in every detail.

C.M.R. – Costruzioni Moderne Roma each year to maintain certification of ISO 9001, is subject to careful monitoring visits at the shipyard operating.

Since 1998 the company was registered with the former NATIONAL REGISTER OF MANUFACTURERS with the following categories:

  • G1 L. 1.500.000.000
    Civil buildings, industrial, monumental, complete of installations and of works connected and accesorias, works murarie relative to the complexes for the production and distribution of energy;
  • G11 L. 300.000.000
    Technological and special installations and works for building separated from main work – plumbing equipment, sanitary, kitchens, laundries, gas and maintenance;
  • S3 L. 150.000.000
    Electrical, telephone, radio, television installation and the like and their maintenance;
  • S6 L. 750.000.000
    Supply and installation hand made: metal, wood, plastics.
Costruzioni Moderne Roma includes into any contract Timetable Works to ensure to the client always Maximum Punctuality.